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2021 Sports Day - Volleyball [Supported by AmesCVB]
2021 Sports Day - Volleyball [Supported by AmesCVB]

Fri, Jun 11



2021 Sports Day - Volleyball [Supported by AmesCVB]

Bump, set, and spike on June 11th, 3 PM at Inis Grove Park

Registration is Closed
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Time & Location

Jun 11, 2021, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Ames, 2500 Duff Ave, Ames, IA 50010, USA

About the event

Participation Rules

  • Free entry for all ICA members and family
  • 5$ per person entry for the non-ica member
  • [All the entry fees collected will be used towards ICA kids COVID relief drive]
  • Payments will be collected prior to the start of the game. The captain of the team will be responsible submit all the cash to the organization


  • A team can play with less than 6 members as long as they have their 2 co-ed members (girl/kid below 16)
  • A girl/kid (age below 16) is required to touch the ball if it stays in the court for more than one hits

Points and rounds

  • If the team is not on the field with in 10 minutes of their scheduled times the match will be forfeited to the team who has atleast 4 of 6 members present
  • Round 1 matches will by 21 points rally scoring, or win by 2 or first to reach 28.
  • Team winning their round 1 games will be sent to Advanced group
  • Team losing their first game will be sent to base group
  • Round 2 each match will consist of 3 games
  • Each match consists of 3 games (to 21, rally scoring, win by 2 or first to 23). Matches must be completed within the allotted time (45 minutes)


  • Serving - Once ready for play (whistled for service) two tosses are allowed per serve but you have 10 seconds to serve the ball. Ball must be released from hand before contact is made. Ball must be served by striking with your hand/arm. Play continues until a whistle is blown for a violation (e.g., carry or player touching the net) or the ball hits the floor. If the serve hits the net and goes over it is a live ball
  • Double contacts (two people hitting ball simultaneously) are allowed on the first ball over the net as long as it is one attempt to play the ball. It doesn’t matter if the other team served, spiked, bumped, or set the ball over the net). Double contacts are not allowed on team’s 2nd or 3rd contact
  • Carrying- is illegal. A carry generally is any use of an open hand(s) while making contact with the ball that is not in a firm manner, but can be called with a closed fist at the referee’s discretion.
  • Hitting the Ball - You can use any part of your body as long as it is not a carry. Exception is that a serve must be put into play with your arm
  • Touching the net - Player can never touch the net while ball is in play
  • Underneath the net - If player’s hand or foot remains in contact with plane of centerline it is legal, but if half or more is beyond the line it is a violation. If any other part of your body touches the opposing court, it is also a violation
  • Reaching over the net - You can reach over the net as long as you do not touch the net, but the ball must break the plane of the net before you can make contact with it
  • Reaching over to block a set is a violation
  • USA VolleyballRules - apply unless stated otherwise

Food and Drinks

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed
  • You are allowed to bring in your own food and drink and use the picnic table
  • India COVID relief fund-raiser will be organized by ICA-kids where they will be selling Pizza, Lemonade, Cookies on site.


  • ICA Sports Day - Volleyball

    Entry into volleyball tournament: $5 per person

    Sale ended



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