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(poem by Sree Nilakanta)

Roaring winds blew from the west

Razing trees, barns, and steeples Lasting but a few mortal hours

Leaving us baffled and bruised for days.


Crunching roofs, broken fences, broken limbs

Careening randomly across landscapes

Flattening fields of ripening corns

Came Derecho the treacherous.


While we search for a guiding light

Dark clouds gather ominously overhead

Dancing to a crescendo of drum rolls

Laughing at the hapless souls below

Caste nor creed, faith nor fast.


Howling winds bind us together

Temples, churches, and mosques

All are same in times of despair

No bed nor sheet to rest or warm.


No dish nor dairy to feed our needy and tiny

Yet we join hands and minds

To pray for a better morning

Land that pioneers claimed.


Speaking pearls and gems of wisdom

Seeks your kindness and favor

A day’s labor will help your brethren

My heart beats to the steps of

Brave men and women of the country

Amazing grace they bring

Oh, my adopted country, Salutations!

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