Bridging cultures-Building community

(hosting community events in central Iowa since 1992)

We are stronger together

We are united with the Black community and all those working towards racial justice

In January, we were full of excitement for 2020. There were so many events that we were looking forward to where we would gather with residents of the Ames community. We have always cherished these interactions. Instead we have all been confronted with a year of unforeseeable pain and challenges.


Recent events have put a spotlight on the disparities that exist in our society. The social injustices we have witnessed recently, and for far too many years, have no place in our world. As we see the everyday racism, bias and violence experienced by the Black and African American community, the tragic and horrific murders of so many, the violence in cities across the US, it is time for each of us to take accountability for our own continued learning on the realities of privilege, inequity and race and modeling the behavior we want to see in the world. For us to have the permission to ask the world to change, we must change first.


We have heard from many of our organization members over the past several days, expressing calls for action, calls for change. Yes. We have to act. And our actions must reflect the values of our organization and be informed by the needs of the Black and African American community. 


The India Cultural Association of Central Iowa stands with the Black community. Racism and hate have no place in this community, or anywhere. Throughout the history of the ICA organization, we have been committed to creating a community that embraces respect, equality, diversity, and inclusion.


Our hope is that everyone feels seen, heard and appreciated in the community. We know that we can always do better, and we hope that you’ll feel able to offer suggestions on how we can improve. Thank you for being a member of the ICA. 


We are stronger together.

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